Our Philosophy

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A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body.

Christian Dior

I deem it essential to look not just to the present but also to the future of this profession and any activity associated with the making of tailor-made clothing, without sacrificing the creativity that is ingrained in the Italian DNA.

It is important for our profession to evolve and I had been reflecting for some time on what I could do to pass on my knowledge, and the various techniques acquired over the years to make garments made to measure, to those who choose tailoring as their profession.

I view myself as an old-school female entrepreneur: professional expertise is key, but no less important is to be humble and practical. Tailoring, for me, is not just a job.

Thus, with the support of Bespoke Academy, the association I chair, I set about opening a school for tailors in Monaco. Sharing is important, because the tradition of manual and artisan works cannot be learned without realising the importance of a perfect cut, a hem, a pocket. Through this initiative I can organise courses for anybody wishing to learn this art, or further develop a hobby, or just grasp the secrets of a profession that will never die.

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